(a) The Society shall be called “Carrickfergus Photographic Society”.  Its primary purpose is to assist its members achieve their potential in      



       (b)  The Society membership shall be welcoming to all; regardless of sex, race, nationality, creed, colour, age (minors to be accompanied by an    

              adult), religion, or disability. 


       (c)  Members of the Society agree to comply with and follow the rules set out within this constitution.

       (d)  The Society is required to have a Child Protection Officer and a written Child Protection Policy.


       (e)  A member may resign at any time by notifying the Secretary in writing of his/her desire to do so.  His/her CPS membership card must be    

             surrendered to the Secretary.


       (f)  A member may be asked to resign from the Society at a majority decision of the Committee




       (a) Members are not to enter prints and or PDI's into competitions which could be classed as offensive to any society member or members of 

             the public.


       (b) Any prints wishing to be included in competition evenings must be produced by 8pm at the latest.




       (a) Members who have not paid their annual subscription will be ineligible to enter Society competitions and exhibition.


       (b) The Annual Subscription for the following season shall be agreed at the AGM.


       (c)  The Annual Subscription is due no later than first Society meeting in October of each year. 


       (d)  New Society members joining during the year shall be charged a reduced pro rata amount of the current annual subscription.  This reduced

             fee will not apply to members who have left the Society and wish to rejoin.


       (e)  If the annual subscription remains unpaid on 31st October he/she may, at the discretion of the Officer Bearers, be deemed to have resigned

             his/her membership


       (f)   A nominal fee will be charged per meeting.  Fee shall be agreed at the AGM.




       (a)  At Annual General Meetings and Extra-Ordinary General Meetings, 40% of the current membership shall be deemed to form a quorum.


       (b)  An AGM is to be called at the end of each Society Season.  Ten days’ notice of every General Meeting specifying the place, day and hour  

             of the meeting, and the general nature of the business, shall be given to the members.




       (a)  The Society officers shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Child Protection Officer, EAPU representative  

             and Press Officer.  These officers shall be appointed/nominated at the AGM.


       (b)  All officers and committee members shall be elected/re-elected each year.


       (c)  The Committee shall have authority to appoint honorary members.


       (d)  The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings.  In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairperson or another designated person shall  




       (a) In the case of an equality of votes at any general meeting, or at any meeting of the executive committee, the Chairman shall have a casting 

             vote in addition to his/her vote as a member.



             The secretary shall keep minutes of all business, Committee meetings, and AGMs and conduct correspondence on behalf of the Club.




       (a) Will receive all money payable to the Society and make payments for the Society's activities.


       (b) Will keep proper accounts of incoming and outgoing money.

       (c)  Will prepare an audited Annual Income and Expenditure Account and balance sheet to be available to all Society members at the AGM.


       (d) The financial year shall, for accounting purposes, run from April 29th to April 30th. 





       (a)  In the event of the Society's dissolution for any reason, an Extra-Ordinary Meeting Shall be called and the trustees will make decisions   

             regarding the disposal of the Society's assets.


       (b) Membership in Carrickfergus Photographic Society is subject to the acceptance of Liability Waiver form.  CPS Secretary will be the sole 

             keeper of completed forms.


       (c)  Prospective members may attend a maximum of 2 club evenings  free of charge and without obligation before making a decision.


       (d)  CPS committee will consist of every club member.


       (e)  No alteration of, or addition to these rules shall be made except at an AGM or an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting.  The interpretation  

             of these rules rests with the Committee.